Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mr Yarn's vest


I just can't get a good picture of this vest without the flash. I refuse to use the flash. So if you want to see the cable double click on the picture for a bigger version. The vest isn't finished yet because I ran out of yarn. I will have to scrounge around for some more.

2 more days until I am in Bodega Bay! I will be eating oysters and drinking wine like there is no tomorrow. Until then I am stressing over what to work on. I have Peter's sweater to finish (ewwwww) or I could start something NEW!


Linda said...

Nope, double clicking didn't bring up the cable. Still too dark. Why can't you use the flash?

Will you bring the vest in Wednesday night so we can see it? Can we also see the poncho/blanket? It looks very interesting.

Stefaneener said...

Beautiful vest; nice cable.

You so clearly ought to cast on for something Neeeeeeeeewwwww! You know you want to. Come on.