Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Tribute

Mr. Yarn is leaving me to go to India again. Yeah, I am not happy about it. I hate when he goes. Nothing *I* can do about it so I decided to pay the trip a little tribute. What am I going to do you ask? No, I am not building a shrine. I am going to knit a project in 100% silk. I have been keeping myself from doing this because afterall, the yarn in my store is really for selling not for me using at my own whim. What? Not really. I refrained because the 100% silk is pretty pricey and 8 skeins of it makes a pretty pricey Clapotis. So, when Brigid came in and I talked HER into doing it, I figured that I would make it my tribute to "Mr. I am leaving you to go to India" Sooooo....

The silk is Curious Creek Fibers (LOVE this company). This is the silk but I am not using this color.


Here is the color I am using


and the pattern is once again Clapotis from Knitty. I think that this is a great combo. Yeah yeah, the clapotis is over done but I have two of them and they are beautiful. Of course one of mine is in Silk Garden and the other out of 100% cashmere. So, silk is perfect!

Bon Voyage Mr. Yarn. Better go somewhere less exotic next time. Canada would be good. Then I would only have to have to knit in Quivet.

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tammy said...

ahhh, clapotis. I have vowed to never make one. actually I have made a pact with another knitter to never make one. But I'll tell you a secret, I kinda want one.
Your choice of the curious creek silk is indeed perfect for the project. mmmm...Quivet is dreamy!