Friday, August 12, 2005

Knitted object sighting

click on image to see more detail

So I DO knit. I really do. I finished the back of "Fern". I also only have one more sleeve on the 4 panel jacket. This summer I knitted (when the 4 panel jacket is done) 2 jackets, a cardigan and a pullover. The corset that I was too lazy to bring home counts too. I just never did anything with it. Don't even ask how many attempts at starting stuff I made. All in all not too bad though. Lets not even discuss how much yarn I BOUGHT this summer. I think I feel Fall in the air. Yeah, that is it...I can tell, it is coming soon.

I hate summer.


KB said...

I'm in love with the Jameson's. Don't forget to let me know when you get it in the store! So good to see you at the SnB this week.

hockey mom said...

You have startitis too! You got some good quality knitting done lady, not shabby at all.

I'm feeling the Fall too, I am.

Amy said...

I'm sitting next to my livingroom stash (as opposed to my bedroom stash)dying to start a new pattern I found the other day and knowing that I have to finish a project for my impending nephew...what is it about smooth untouched skeins that calls so loudly? BTW, I added your blog to a blog consolidation site I manage It's a great way to track all your favorite blogs at once. Feel free to add our link to your site if you like!

Kate said...

Not too shabby, Ms. J. I like the stitchwork in Fern. I know, it's sad to be a newbie in this crowd, but I just finished my first sock. Golly. It's pink.

Janis said...

I am very proud of you Kate. A sock is nothing to sneeze at!