Monday, August 08, 2005

Ramblin Ramblin Ramblin


I got a new redwood burl. I killed the other one (sorry Molly). So, while driving through the Avenue of the Giants, I made Mr Yarn pull over at the most likely (cheesy) gift shop to buy one. I bought the biggest one there because ya know I just thought it would have a better chance if it was big. Um, the lady said that wasn't really true. She said that if I go on a trip I need to leave it in the tub with water dripping on it. Can you imagine a paranoid person like ME leaving water dripping? I don't think so. I will have to get a plant sitter to come water it every day. Mr Yarn will love this.


The construction continues. I know they mean business because there is a porta-potty. nevermind that they have showed up 2 days out of 7. A porta-potty means they are going to get this all done fast. Right?


molly said...

No worries, I killed mine too - there's a really dead redwood burl on top of my tv. Unlike the trees themselves, I don't think the burls live long lives.

Lori said...

Do you think you could get Lily trained to use the porta-potty?

TitaniumRose said...

Call me ignorant, but what's a redwood burl and what's the appeal? Is it just another houseplant type thing to kill or will it actually maybe someday become one of those monster trees? You can tell we don't have cool stuff like that out here in the middle of nowhere.