Friday, August 26, 2005

Lily is disgusted

disgusted lily

I went and done it. I disgusted mans best friend. I think that even Lily knows that a picture of her means that I am just too dull to have anything to say. I did finish the 4 panel jacket but I am struggling with the welting. I am dragging my feet on everything. I think I am coming down with a cold. Mr Yarn is leaving for a Chemistry thingy in Washington D.C. and it will be Lily and me and the cats. My dog ate my homework. Oh wait...

serious lily

No she didn't. She is just an innocent victim.


tammy said...

Oh Lily, sweet sweet Lily! You know it's photos like this one that feed one of my biggest fears; that our pets will learn to use the camera. Can you imagine the candid photos they would post of us? yikes!
I have finally caught my blog up to current events, fresh post today.:')

TitaniumRose said...

Don't feel bad, I haven't posted on my blog at all in ages. I am the King of the Slackers. =) Hopefully tonight I'll get lots of lovely photos taken and posted, but I hope no one is holding their breath just in case. You'd be proud of me though - I finally figured out that nasty cast on thing for doing toe-up socks. It's awkward as all get out, but I've done it twice now.

hockey mom said...

She's a sweet looking puppy. What did you put in her mouth to make her do that? Hmm?

I hope the cold goes quickly.

Janis said...

Scary, but I didn't but anything in her mouth. She just makes faces.