Thursday, August 18, 2005

My sis!

(note I have my hand on her head. I was probably annoying the crap out of her. Oh, by the way, *I* am the baby.)

My sister is coming to visit today. I am so excited. She is my big sister. I am taking Friday and Saturday off and we are going to go do stuff. "Mr Yarn" is taking friday off and so is my brother. You all can too if you want. Just tell em *I* said you could. So, I don't know where we will take her Friday, but Saturday we are doing the Sonoma (BETTER than Napa) wine tasting thing. So, I won't be blogging for a couple of days because ya know, she already thinks I am "weird" from the times as a teenager (and when I was like 30) and I don't wanna push my luck.


hockey mom said...

I'm the baby sister in my family. Can I come to your house and go to the wine tasting? I love wine!

Hope ya'll have a great visit!

tammy said...

That is a great photo! You have inspired me to scan some old photos!
Have fun in boozing it up in Sonoma!

Rabbitch said...

Ger her drunk and get her to start a blog of her own! (I'm nothing if not an enabler ...)

Have a good holiday!