Tuesday, August 30, 2005



The compost went into the yard today. Looks pretty, no? Well it stinks. Really stinks. This big truck drove into the driveway yesterday and dumped about 1000 pounds of the stuff right there. Incense doesn't work in covering up what it smells like in the house and outside. Good thing the backyard is looking so pretty.

On another front, I wish Mr. Yarn would come home. Lily and I got in a fight. The damn dog wouldn't come in from outside last night and when she did she was covered in dirt. I thought she was eating the dirt at first but noooo. She found the stuff the crew left from leftovers of lunch.


At first I just thought that they had left cardboard there (ok, I did think it was weird that a piece was chewed out so I checked further). Then I saw THIS


Lily is in big time trouble

Lily is in trouble


hockey mom said...

Oh I hate it when Bella and Boingo get in the trash. It's a tag team effort! The worst is when the kids are home and didn't have a clue and it's still there for me when I get home from a long day at work.

tammy said...

your neighbors must really love you right about now! nothing like a hot day with a yard full of cow poop!

BeanMama said...

Lily looks TERRIFIED of the consequences of her actions!