Thursday, August 04, 2005

So shoot me

My computer at home wasn't working so I can't really post pictures here at work. I can show you what Evan (my kiddo) did. He is an awesome photographer. He is entered in an international photo contest. Go vote for him. Hit A-F and check out Film Guy's stuff. I love my kids :--) Here is one of his photo's that I love:


and a self portrait


Ok, I will shut up about my kid now.


mamapez said...

Hey, his photo is in the intro to the web site! Very cool. :)
It is taking a million years to load all the photos, but I will definitely vote for him when it all finally comes up. :)

mamapez said...

Okay, according to the results graphic, I voted for the wrong picture. Tough. I liked the one I voted for. :) I also noticed that more than one of his pictures was in the intro! He must be very good. :)

Wool Winder said...

You have good reason to brag about your son. His photos are amazing!

Lori said...

He looks just like his Mama!