Thursday, August 11, 2005

Whadda ya know


I got my yarn. I can't believe that I did. I only waited 3 months for it. It was replacing yarn that came in a kit in error. I sent that yarn back and was waiting for the right color. I emailed and called and emailed to see where this puppy was. I heard about animals and weather but still no yarn. It finally came.

Now I can finish this:


Remember this one?

Oh, and I excavated another stupid sweater. Another "what was I thinking" kind of sweater (Mr. Yarn I know that you love this sweater but uh, you wear shirts with your company logo on em. I don't trust you in a fashion kind of way, love you though). I made this sweater while on my honeymoon (yeah, shut up) and we were watching the dreadful election 4.5 years ago. Not easy to get romantic when politics are involved. You would have had to been there.


A cross between Cousin It and a hair shirt.


Lori said...

I do have to agree with you on the Honeymoon Horror! What were you thinking? I'm sure at the time it was quite fashionable? I'm glad you got the purpose for the Hebrides (sp?) sweater. I really can't wait to see it finished. Its lovely! I missed you last night. The A's won, and I had many festive adult beverages. Did you know they have a bar at the stadium?

Lori said...

I meant the purple for the Hebrides (sp?)! Oh my god! That's what happens when you don't proofread your blog comments.

Kate said...

I cannt imagine you in a hairshirt. With a good comb-out, yes, but not in a hairshirt. Maybe Lilly will wear it if the weather cools off.

Janis said...

Oh, hairshirt. I am Jewish.... you are right.