Thursday, December 01, 2005



I was in a foodie secret pal group. This is what my secret pal sent me. Thanks, Andrea!! I got all kinds of Philly junk food. Tastycakes galore, and lots of other incredible stuff. Andrea made me macaroons (my favorite) and sent me a recipe for lamb stew.

My favorite part is


they are little fish shape bottles. I am not sure what you put in them but I love stuff like this.

Come over for dinner Andrea!!

Hold the presses...
I just got this email from Andrea and it explains the contents better than I could


I'm so glad you liked the treats! Each of those snacks is a regional speciality. The chips are from Herr's, which is an old school Pennsylvania company to the extreme. They use twice as much flavoring in their chips as I've ever seen anywhere else. They even make an "Old Fashioned" potato chip fried in lard. I sent two packages of the barbeque because they're my absolute favorite. The Thin Mints are a Haviland product; I'm not sure they're available out west, but they're like the ultimate after dinner mint. Like Andes, but thicker and more chocolatey. The Tasty Cake is a Philadelphia obsession. They come in about a billion flavors; I tried to pick the ones without weird pink coconut for you. And, of course, Isgros cakes. Of all the bakeries I've been to (I split my time between New York and Philadelphia), Isgros is the best hands down. It's a tiny little shop right outside the Italian Market in south Philly. They make everything by hand, as they have for the past 100 years. And their cakes are amazing! I included plain and chocolate yogurt pound cake in your package.

The biggest holidays at my house were always birthdays, so all your goodies are junk food snacks. And my boyfriend's favorite cookies of all time are the almond macaroons -- he always gets a big batch on his birthday. The little plastic squeeze bottles are just kind of cute -- and if you ever take bento boxes to work for lunch, they're miraculous for their soy sauce toting abilities!




KB said...

The fish shaped bottles are for soy sauce, I believe. So that you can carry it your purse, and season whatever you happen to be eating at the time!

KB said...

oops...just read to the bottom of the post.

-Joy, Redundancy Queen of Redundancy