Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy everything!

It is Xmas Eve and I just wanna say Happy Everything. May you have peace and love and all good things.


Linda said...

The same right back at you, Janis. I love visiting your shop, but more than that, I am overwhelmed at the friendship and caring I find from you and the other knitters there. May only good things happen for all of us in 2006.

PS My employer gave me a $50 AmEx gift check. Guess where I will spend it?

riseyp said...

best wishes to you, Janis! merry christmas!

okate said...

Hey, Ms. Yarn! Happiest of holidays. I was gifted with a (huge hank) of Blue Face Leicester Aran from you-know-where. Any suggestions on patterns? Love the beaded cuffs by the way,but not for this yarn.