Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Weird sheep

Linda (hi Linda!) gave me the coolest hair growing paper sheep for Xmas


I am a bit paper folding challenged so Mr Yarn had to try to help me. Of course I kept slapping his hand away so he watched me build the mutant sheep and just smiled (he is nice). So, after the sheep started to grow hair (like in an hour or two) it looked like this:


A little of the hair fell off and the sheep is a bit cockeyed but I love it all the same. I woke up this morning and the sheep looked like THIS:


So, I will keep you posted on the sheep. I just hope that Mr Yarn and I don't develop that mystery disease that comes from mold.


Linda said...

My God! Is it mold that it grows?? I had no idea. The package doesn't say that.

Um...isn't he supposed to be standing? Well, anyway, he IS cute, and he IS unique. See you Wed. evening.

ms. crafty said...

He's fabulous! So much cuter than a chia pet...