Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Xmas stuff isn't SO bad...

cool croc?

Monte and Peter bought me this vintage purse for Xmas. It is in perfect condition and they knew that I kept bidding on ebay but never got one. Inside the purse is the original stuff that came with it.

inside purse

It is a coin purse and a mirror.

Lori gave me something that I whined about all year. I always whine that I want new PJ's. Not only did she get me some in the size that I said I wanted (XTRA large) but they are beautiful as well.

New pj's

(yeah, an arm shot is always so sexy).

Then there was Auban's gifts. A beautiful set of rosewood knitting needles (I love you Aubie).

rosewood knitting needles

These needles will be my favorites forever.

Auban also bought me the lego toy that I wanted when I saw it online

new toys

I really wanted the little cats.

You are asking why I opened these already? Well, I swear that the people that gave them to me wanted me to. Shut up, they did. I changed my mind. I love Xmas.


Lori said...

And I love you!

Ron said...

Great purse, and I'm awed about the original contents. Does it also have that great scent of old-fashioned face powder with a hint of roses that I keep finding in vintage purses and such?

BeanMama said...

They did, I was there. :)

Karen said...

Let's just say that if you wake up tomorrow morning and find that your front door has been jimmied open and the purse, jammies, needles, and little kitties are all wasn't me. I swear. I don't even like that kind of stuff. At all. [running off to find lock picking tweezers and ski mask]

TitaniumRose said...

I have a package that I need to send to you, but like everything else this year, I'm kind of running way behind with the mailing of the stuff. But it'll just make the giftie goodness last longer, so that's not a bad thing, right? =)

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a very Merry Christmas.