Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Paper Sheep

Last update on Mr. Sheep. I believe that he will collapse under his own weight.

I have been knitting and just to prove it I have some pictures.

Tims Slippers

The last of the slippers are done. I just have to felt these and then sew on the soles. These are Tims slippers and all others are finished.

I worked on the Jade Starmore sweater last night and realized that it is coming along. The picture does it no justice but it is really beautiful.

Jade Starmore sweater

Mr Yarn gave me another kit for Xmas so I better get knitting. He gave me Medieval Tapestry. I am doing the color scheme on the right.


I also finished the second pair of beaded cuffs I was doing at the shop and I am almost (ok, 1 and 1/4 sleeve left) done with Peters sweater. I will bring it home for pictures.


Rebekah said...

The Starmore is gorgeous, take my breath away!

lisaz said...

oh Janis, I am seconding Rebekah - that is incredible!

knitcrazed said...

omg janis... i long to be able to knit like you [i'm kneeling in praise], but i'll probably be crippled with arthritis by that time i get there ;-)

riseyp said...

oh wow, Janis - that sweater is the most beautiful thing ever ever!!

Kate said...

I am very very envious of that Starmore, Janis. Those colors! Mr. Yarn MUST buy you plum suede boots to go with!