Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Xmas dog

xmas dog

Hey, Lily just wanted to say "Happy Holidays". She isn't sure if that is ok or if she should say Merry Xmas. You see Nico in the background running away? She is no fool. Notice that Jasmine (yes, I have another cat) doesn't ever seem to be around? She usually is unless you want her to be.

Nico did come back for a head shot.


That was after pulling all the ornaments off the Xmas tree and batting them around. She thinks she is so smart.


Lori said...

Now I know why they call them "Saint" Bernards. Lily really is a saint to allow such human abuse to be heaped upon her lovely head.

Janis said...

HAHAH! She is a Saint indeed.

BeanMama said...

I love Lily! I think you should bring her to the shop!

Rebekah said...

I think you should bring Lily to my house. I have always wanted a Saint Bernard. Your blog is causing me great anxiety. Okay well maybe not, but I wish I could convince my husband our house was large enough for the lab and a st. bernard.

Janis said...

Lily is my life. I love this dog more than almost anything in the world (I don't mean YOU, Mr Yarn...yeah, really). Can't bring her to the shop because I think she may scare some people. She is 190lbs.