Friday, June 24, 2005

Argh 1 and Argh 2

Ok, I am going to do it. I am going to show the cats. Argh one is Jasmin and Argh 2 is Niko. Both these cats were my daughter Annie's cats. Both these cats have lived with me for most their lives because Annie couldn't take them. Um, yeah. So, I wasn't going to show them and then someone told me that they wanted to see them more than they wanted to see Lily. This didn't compute in my brain because Argh 1 and 2 are a huge source of annoyance around "chez Yarn!".


This is Argh 1. She is the old broad that is needy and no matter how much attention you give her she isn't happy. Ok, I do know that she is a CAT. We have had her since she was 3 weeks old. I gave her to Annie because Annie told me I was a horrible mom if I didn't. At the time I played into guilt REALLY well. I am old now and I don't.


This is Argh 2. Annie got her a while ago. She was just weeks old as well. Annie discovered that she was "allergic" to the cat. Well, as a mom I couldn't have that so I took her. No Annie, I really WANTED her I swear (insert rolling of eyes here). At the time I played into guilt REALLY well. I am old now and I don't (ok so this was just a year ago, but I am getting better).

They get tons of attention so don't write me to tell me that I am mean. If you met these cats you would be mean too. Fact of the matter is they are the butt of my jokes but I adore both of them, and if you mention I said that I will act like you are out of your mind and I never said such a thing.

Annie is on vacation and won't see this post. But for when she gets back, Hi Annie, mommy is just jokin ya")


Gwyn said...

I sort of feel that way about my kids.

As far as I know, the only way to test old Halloween candy is to eat it. If it looks suspicious, make your spouse or your kids taste it first.

~drew emborsky~ said...

How adorable! I love torties, they tend to be a bit off their rockers! Thanks for sharing pics!

KB said...

OMG!!!! The crochet dude posted on your website!!! O-M-G!!!!!!I'm so jealous. You're practically famous now. Well, maybe you were now you're even more famous.

Janis said...

Heh, you are a goof.

Anonymous said...

youre as mean to them as you are to me....posting the ugliest picture of nico you can find when shes blinking...pshh. They are so sweet and i AM allergic..i swear. I would take them in a second if i could. Youre just jealous because they have more time to bathe than you do.

AND did you really think you could pull one over on me...c'mon...geez.