Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My favorite sweater in the world


This is my dad. In this picture he is wearing the sweater that my mother made for him. I believe that she made that sweater in 1974 (or around then). My father wore this sweater all the time. I don't think that it was because he liked the sweater, my dad really wasn't a sweater kind of guy. I think that he loved it because my mother made it for him and he was proud of it. My dad died in 1982. I remember asking my mother for the sweater. I wore it and wore it and wore it. I still have it but it has a hole in it, and being too lazy I haven't fixed it since... lets see....1989? So, what do I do? You got it! I hang on to it and look at it. It is my favorite sweater.


It sort of looks like Mr. Rogers sweater.

So, I didn't post on Fathers Day because, well, I just couldn't. But I love ya dad and I am sure that you are reading this in blog heaven.



Gerald said...

My father died two years ago and I asked mom for a sweater he wore a lot...a bright green izod cardigan worn always at Christmas.

thanks for sharing the pictures of your father. He looks like he had a great laugh. Always an important aspect to living life fully.

Janis said...

Thanks Gerald. Take good care of the izod sweater.