Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lily is a ho


I just wanted Lily to model this ugly sweater for you to see and what does she do? She flops on her back and starts bicycling motions with her feet. With a 190lb dog this is funny but not cute. Well, it is cute but not at the moment. I needed blogging help to cover the fact that my knitting Karma has gone south for the summer. I am not kidding (shut up Sarah and you know why). The sweater I am working on at work has been ripped out so many times that it is pilling (shut up Lori who pointed it out). I still haven't gotten the yarn to finish the "Hebrides" sweater and we aren't even talking about the "Marilyn sweater" right now. So, I got Lily to model this ugly sweater that I knit about 2 years ago. I have no idea what possessed me. If I could tell you how so not me this sweater is. My friends will attest to the fact (if they ever read my blog). The cat just HAD to get in the picture. Yeah yeah she is cute kissing the dog.

So, please send some knitting juju my way ok? This is my livlihood folks. Customers are starting to say things like "I never see you wear the sweaters you knit" and my personal favorite "You still working on THAT sweater"


Oh yeah, Lily is a bit embarassed



TitaniumRose said...

There must be something going around. The big secret project I started yesterday has been frogged - three times so far. It's just not making me happy no matter what I do. Maybe our stars aren't properly aligned? Maybe we need to sacrifice some more chicken nuggets? Maybe we aren't gargling the bong water long enough? If I find the secret I'll be sure to let you know... =)

Lori said...

The scariest thing about that picture of Lily wearing "YOUR" sweater is, she's a 190 lb dog and you a much smaller woman. You really need to get in touch with your body image!!! Tents do not qualify as sweaters or shirts my friend. Trust me!

Janis said...

Uh, that is a bit scary isn't it. Ok ok...I will do something about the body image thing. Mine, not Lily's.

I do know why (Bwa Ha Ha) said...

The juju is there for the taking... but it may be hiding under the guise of "other crap that makes it hard to get into the zen moment of knitting". Breathe. Pet that big Lily belly (how can one resist?). Ogle the collection (can we say Imelda here) of lovely boots.

It's all good.

molly said...

Yeah, what Lori said! Didn't we have this conversation?

If I ever see the knitting juju (not likely! Just abandoned a simple baby sweater 'cause I can't follow directions), I'll send it your way.

Janis said...

Maybe it is catchy.