Monday, June 06, 2005

Purls gone bad

Ok honesty time here. I am putting my marriage on the line for this blog post but I feel that it is my public duty. I am going to liberate all you closet project dumpers right now. I pulled out only a few of the projects that are dumped in my basement. These aren't projects that I pretend that I will someday finish. They are dumped for good. Either I wasn't having fun making them or they didn't behave or I just felt like dumping them. Need I say more? You all understand. Don't pretend like you don't. I know that you new knitters still fool yourself into thinking that you WILL finish it. You won't. Don't bother pretending,

Here are the bad puppies:


And perhaps this was the baddest of them all.


I started it in the late 80's sometime. Could have been early 90's. The name of this sweater is "The Foolish Virgins". I could have finished it but why? I started, I conquered, I got bored. I saw on some knit list that people actually have finished this one. Well, I have to say that my intentions were good. It is just something that goes snafu with my interest level.

Mr. Yarn? You still there?


Michelle said...

Hi My Name is Michelle and I am a knit project dumper.

*sips coffee, sits down*

Janis said...

Welcome Michelle,
It is not your fault. We are all here with you.

TitaniumRose said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that first sweater I started is destined to be dumped. I caught myself thinking last night about what else I could use the yarn for. To the frog pond, away! =)

BeanMama said...

Reclaim that there yarn!! That way those durn projects won't mock you (and Mr. Yarn can't point to unfinished projects, he can only point to unused stash!)

Janis said...

Naw, I don't have the heart to rip out that stuff. I actually keep it around to remind me of my life at the time I was making it. All of it has memories. Sick, I know. It is a swatch scrap book. I am more likely to sew it all together and make a quilt out of it.

BeanMama said...

oooooh, that's a LOVELY idea!!

Donna said...

Hi Janice
Donna from Livermore here.
Hey I love that sweater and was just saying the other day how I would love to have one. That would not be a pretty picture on me!!!
I do think it would make a great chair cover.
Hope all is well.
Counting the days till I go to Washington with Gail.