Saturday, June 11, 2005



I miss Evan. Evan is my youngest. I hate that he is so far away. I miss him all the time. I want him to be nearer to Annie and me. Not sure that Annie feels the same but ya know how it is with a kid brother. *I* am his mom. Everytime I glance to the side of my computer I see this:


Evan gave this to me when he was really little. I don't even know who it is suppose to be. I have just kept it and moved it everytime I move. I love all the toys that my kids have given me. I love toys.

Check this out. These are old. I don't even remember how old Annie was when she gave these to me.


They glow in the dark and I don't wanna know how she made em. She told me they were "glow in the dark boogers". I still have them on my bedstand. God I love these kids.


Anonymous said...

glow in the dark puffy paint and water...for all of you out there wishing you had your own.

Janis said...

puffy paint? I really thought it was glow in the dark boogers.