Monday, June 27, 2005

I am not superstitious

No knitting news, shut up.

When Mr. Yarn and I went to go buy our first house I believed we needed a good luck talisman. So, I bought this tin chicken that I would hang up in the kitchen hoping that our offer would go through and we would get the house. So here it is, unassuming but mighty. We got that house


So when we were moving and coming to Alameda, we bid and bid on houses and we kept losing. I was dispondent and so I figured we needed a lucky talisman. Ok, so this time I wasn't playing around and I figured I needed a cow. We got the house after I bought that cow, see?


It doubles as a door stop. So, you can never have too much luck. Oh, one more thing


A few things that are carried around in the gross looking pouch. A gris gris bag from New Orleans that my friends brought back around 18 years ago (Hi Leigh and Nikki can't wait to see you!! even though you don't read my blog) and other assorted "good luck" things my kids made me when they were small (they are in college now). I swear I am not superstitious though.

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