Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Do not adjust your TV set


It isn't your imagination. It isn't you it is me. This is the same sweater I have been knitting on for 2 weeks now. Granted time has been limited. Check out the wad of yarn sitting next to what is to be a sweater but is no larger than a swatch. I have ripped this mother out about ...well, I am not even going to venture a guess. If this sweater doesn't fall into line soon it is going to end up in the basement with all of the other projects that will never see the light again.

This is the chart I made because I couldn't get my mind around the directions for this sweater. Now I am not saying it is the directions fault, I am saying it is my minds fault. I am saying that this is not the most relaxing project that I ever worked on.

(excuse the chair that is covered with a sheet so the stupid cats (no Annie, I love them I do) don't get it all hairy)

Here is the other project that I left the above project for. Just until I am not so frustrated. This is a pattern from Black Water Abbey and is done out of their yarn as well. I believe it is called "China Jacket".


It is mindless and fun to knit. For now that is what I am doing. I will see about the satan sweater later.

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