Thursday, April 07, 2005

Chicken Heads UNITE!

I have a confession. Somehow or other I have become addicted to reading blogs. It started off by reading knitting blogs to keep up with the knitting community, and it has grown to include ANY blog. I have been on them for hours and hours. Mr. Yarn shakes his head and says "What are you DOING?". I am a reformed webmaster for gods sake. *I* should know better. I kicked the habit once in the late 90's and here I am again going down the same path of destruction.

Well, what I have noticed in the hours of being a snoop into other peoples knitting lives is alarming. As I float from blog to blog (float sounds better than click, right?) I notice that many of the projects shown are the same garment. I know that this is known as a "Knit-along" but I find it disappointing to click and to find the same hoodie on one blog as the next. I want to see DIFFERENT. My prayers were answered. Don't ask me how I got there, because when floating the blog (my phrase equivalent to "surfing the net", like it?) you never know how you end up anywhere. I came across "Rabbitch (link in sidebar I want you to read the rest of this and not click because there is a moral to this story and I want you to follow it...yes, I AM evil). So "Rabbitch" is having a knit-along. Not just ANY knit-along, but the grandest of grand. THIS knit-along I can identify with. I think everyone can. It is my first knit-along and I am a proud Chicken Head.



Mr. Yarn! said...

I cannot wait to see you modeling your chicken hat in the shop. :)

Janis said...

Don't be a smartass.

lucia said...

I can't wait to see the whole knit - a long knitting these. I think you should try very hard to get together and get a group picture when you are finished.

msfortuknit said...