Friday, April 08, 2005

My friends are not geeeks


I think my friends don't get this "blogging" thing. I tell them "read my blog" and they are all too busy. Where did I go wrong in picking geeky friends with bad priorities? My family is worse. My kids think *I* am a big geek and blogging is passe. I haven't even told my mother because she would get so frustrated navigating to my page and would call me 10 times to help her. My sister sort of gives me that "look" (although it is over the phone I can see the "look"). Ok, enough of that. I will just have to feel like a moron like I did when I was in high school.

Then there is THIS. What do I make out of this? I have 10 skeins and I am crazy about the color but it may be too too.



Anonymous said...

you should make a capelet. or maybe a little shrug. ooh, and put a little tiny bit of gold somewhere. that would be cute.

i NEED to come visit!

-Michelle (Annie's friend!)

Janis said...

You DO need to come visit, girlie!
Where the heck have you been? I need to cook you dinner. A capelet? Did that already. Gold? *I* am too old for cute. You trying to sweet talk me into making YOU one?

stacyo said...

Just found your blog. So cute. I will make it a favorite of mine. Where exactly is your yarn store? Can't ever have enough yarn! Thanks.

Janis said...

Thanks. My Yarn shop is Yarn! in Alameda.