Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm not Swedish.

I was looking for some sock yarn and came across this kit that I ordered last year. Please tell me what made me think that I was a Swedish woman with blonde hair and 10ft tall and how I could have thought *I* could pull off wearing this sweater. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with the beautiful kit, but it just is so opposite of me that I think that sometimes I have blackouts. I am 5'1 and I have dark hair.

I do have another of these kits that does fit me and I will show a picture when I am not too lazy to go into the basement and get it. I also have to finish it. I got to under the arm (it is done in the round and steeked). Then again I am not sure that I ever will finish it (don't tell Mr. Yarn!, I just tell him I am taking a "rest) because I have a fear to go back to it. What would that be called? finishphobia? hah hah...get it Finnish and finish. Damn, I need coffee.

p.s. I just read on another blog that it is tacky to post a response to a comment on your own blog. Crazy Aunt Purl posted this. She didn't know this either. That makes two of us that are out of the "loop". Good thing she told me. Well, she didn't tell ME but she posted it. From now on I won't answer but if you want me to comment you better leave your email address.


Rabbitch said...

It isn't tacky. They're talking out of their ass.

Janis said...

Oh good. So there ARE no rules !!

Wool Winder said...

How could that be tacky? Thanks so much for the info on the chicken hat pattern.

Karen said...

Hey, Janis--

*I* know someone who is blonde and almost 10 ft tall. [cough]


Janis said...

Whoa. Never thought of that... You want a kit? If you will knit it then it is yours.

Maria said...

No, no, it's not tacky. Everyone does it, actually that is the way it goes.

Janis said...

Oh good. I have always been the geek girl that doesn't really get the "rules". Thanks!

Karen said...

Mmmmmm...kit. (drooling sounds)

Yeah I'll knit it, lady, if you're really ready to give it up. We can discuss next time I see you in person.



Janis said...

I am ready to give it up!