Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I don't have much to talk about in the way of knitting today. You have seen my projects and there isn't much more to say about them until I am further along. Perhaps the chicken hat will be finished today or I will get further on my sweater that I am working on at the shop and then tomorrow there will be a picture. But for today there isn't much to show. So, this frees me up to talk about Larry.

I loved Larry. I even had the chance to buy Larry. Mr Yarn! couldn't believe that I was being serious. When I convinced him that I was, he came up with all kinds of reasons why Larry wouldn't fit into our family. He told me that Larry would be messy and that the other animals wouldn't like him. He told me that Larry would get into my knitting. He told me Larry was too expensive (ok, this was the best of the arguments other than the getting into my knitting part) and last but not least he told me it was illegal to have Larry in the State of Calfornia. Mr Yarn! won, but my heart is still with Larry.

Larry 035

Check out the fingers. He would have been a great help with my knitting.


Lori said...

What the hell is it? I agree with Mr. Yarn on this one! You animal lovers need to be saved from yourselves and that is what Mr. Yarn and I are here to do.

Janis said...

Pffft. I need no saving. Animals are the best. Mr Yarn just doesn't want to have to pick up anymore Poo.

Lori the animal lover . . . said...

When they invent animals that can be toilet trained, I'm there. I do love Lily though! Hey, what is it? A monkey?

Janis said...

A MONKEY!! No, Larry is a Lemur.

Mr. Yarn! said...

I notice Larry seems to be living in a cage these days. It is no wonder. Lily spends a lot of time sitting in the kitchen staring up on top of fridge at the large box of biscuits. She is trying to figure out how to get them. I understand that Larry can just help himself to things on top of the fridge. I don't think Janis would make him live in a cage and Lily is already too large to have an accomplice.

Janis said...

Larry only sleeps in a cage. Not only that but then he could get the biscuits for Lily and they would be best friends.

Lily needs a pal. The cats are poopy.