Saturday, April 09, 2005

Chicken Surrealism


I was working on my Raw Viking Chicken Hat yesterday. Everything was going fine. I joined the circle and it wasn't a mobeius. It looks like it might fit me. I understood all of the instructions. I decided to put it down for a while and work on my "I love this sweater" sweater. I was joyfully knitting on it when something really scary struck me. My chicken hat and my sweater were the same "goosebump" stitch. Did this mean that my sweater was going to now be the "Chicken Sweater"? Then chickens kept coming up as a theme. A customer said "what are you making"? and I told her I was making the Raw Viking Chicken Hat. She said "I make chicken hats too, but they aren't raw". Hmmm. I came home from dinner and Mr Yarn said "Want chicken for dinner?" (well not really, he had made pot roast but I KNOW he will make chicken for dinner tonight).

If I fly the coop you will know why.

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laurie said...

How is it that until this very moment I have been unaware of the chicken viking hat? OH MY. That is sincerely the coolest knitted object EVER. I must have one. Chicken vikings will rule the world!!