Monday, April 25, 2005

Socks for Jules

Yesterday was fun. Everyone came over and we had a really good time. I miss my old friends alot and was really glad that they were there with my new friends. I knew better than to work on the "Aberlady" sweater. Once I got gabbing I knew that I would mess up anything I was doing. I started Julie's socks because I knew that gabbing couldn't mess those up. I hope they fit her and I hope she likes them.


As I worked on them last night I remembered something that Julie made for me years and years and years ago (she gets mad when I say this, but she is my oldest friend. I don't mean OLDEST, I mean how long we have been friends. She knows this is what I mean but it still bugs her everytime I say it). I bet she doesn't remember it. Maybe she does. It is a bit worn and has been dragged around in the trunk of my car forever now (I don't even remember how it got in the trunk of my car). I love it. It is one of VERY few things that someone has ever made for me.

Thanks Jules!


Julie said...

I love my sox. I love you. Most of all I feel better about everything you said in your blog that you didn't say to me when I was there. You will always be my "BEST" friend even though I will just be your "OLDEST FRIEND".

Janis said...

I love you too, Jules.