Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A New Beginning

I am starting a new sweater at the shop. I had to do something after the previous disaster. Couldn't just sit there.


This is a "Faith" out of Rowan Magazine 18. Just a simple cardigan, but I love it. Here is a fraction of it done:


I am knitting it out of Rowan DK CashSoft in "Crush".


Bridget said...


Sorry to hear you are sick - thanks for the info on blog - I like it! And my knitting needles I bought from you.


Jessica said...

Isn't that Cashsoft so nice?

Lori said...

Faith is quite pretty. I'll be checking it out tonite! Did you find your yarn? You know, pink is much more my color than your color! Hope you're feeling better. Did you try the Thera-Flu?

Janis said...

CashSoft is great. I love this color "Crush" (no lori you can't have it). I didn't take the TheraFlu. I am a big baby and hate taking medicine.

Mr. Yarn! said...

I thought you were already knitting another sweater at the shop. :)

Janis said...

ohmygod. Who ASKED you?