Friday, April 15, 2005

Rare Please!

I love strange yarns. I love yarns from far off lands. Not the big company name ones. I love the ones that came from little farms and little countries. I also love rare yarns. I have collected many. Some of which are from Afghans for Afghans. Afghan women spin the wool . I also have some that is Quivet, Cashmere, and Yak.


But I must say that my favorite is the stuff that friends bring back for me in their travels. I was noodling around the back bedroom this morning and found this:


My friend Lori brought this back for me from Nepal. To date, this is the farthest I have gotten my yarn from. I love this yarn. I keep thinking that I am going to knit a Sherpa. Lori knows that my deep dark secret is that I want a Sherpa. I don't need him to help me climb, but it sure would be nice to take walks. It would look cool. Ok, so I went off on a tangent. I can't knit a Sherpa, but I can pretend that I am in Nepal when I look at my prayer flags and yarn that traveled all the way home with Lori and was for me.


purlgurl said...

speaking of spending too much time reading's a non-knitting blog that i like...
let me know what you think.
see you tomorrow! :) -pg

Lori said...

You are too sweet. I love you. I'll even think your telling me the truth the next time you tell me my sweater is "so beautiful". Just joking.

Janis said...

Oh thanks PG! Just what I need.

Lori, I always tell the truth. Every sweater is "special" in its own way. That is why I am NOT lying when I tell people that the sweater is BEAUTIFUL.

msfortuknit said...