Tuesday, April 26, 2005

She made birdhouses in that neighborhood

It is going to be my birthday Saturday. In many ways it makes me really sad to get older. I look at myself in the mirror and I can see the changes. I look at my hands and I see myself getting older. It doesn't really scare me, but it just makes me feel a bit sad that it really happened. That time changed me. I knew that it changed others but I had this secret thought that *I* would be different.

There are also great things about getting older. I don't take crap from people like I used to. I don't care about how I look the same way I did when I was young. I am sure of myself and my actions (most of the time) and I pretty much do not make impulsive decisions. This leads me to "She made birdhouses in that Neighborhood".


When I was much younger (and I mean MUCH younger) I went with some friends to another friends art opening. We all met up after work at a local bar. We had a few drinks before the art opening started. We then stumbled over to the cafe that the art opening was taking place. There was much champagne there. As time went by I was feeling little pain and I decided to buy the above piece of art. This piece of art cost way more than I could afford. Hell, I had NO business buying this. The friends that were with me did everything in their power to talk me out of buying it but they couldn't. So, I bought it.

Over the years it has given me tons of amusement and comfort. It makes me feel ok about getting older. It was well worth the money and is one of my favorite hangings. "She made birdhouses in that neighborhood", never made sense and didn't matter if it did. I sorta understood.

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hockey mom said...

Here is how I deal with getting older (almost 45). I remember a line from a John Denver song:

"To grow old is to change
To change is to be new again."

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.